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Energy Efficiency Services in Salt Lake City Utah

Prevent a Water Shortage & Save Money on Your Gas and Electric Bill

Energy Efficiency Plumbing Services The Will Help you Same Water, Power & Money

As essential water is to our lives, we may not always use it as efficiently as we can. Dripping faucets, running toilets, and inefficient water heaters are just a few reasons why we may experience a water shortage within the next several years. A dripping faucet can waste more than 180 gallons of water per month, while a single leaky toilet can waste tens of thousands of gallons in just one year. We at Liberty Plumbing Heating and Air can help you take control of your plumbing system so you can start saving water.

In addition, we recommend using biodegradable cleaners to keep your drains free of build-up. Our passionate plumbers can educate you on the different systems so you can gain a better understanding of how much water you can save from each one. Then, we can help you choose the system best for your home and professionally install it. Contact (888) 797-2950 to learn more energy efficiency tips.

A few ways you can improve your water efficiency:

  • Aerators in Old Faucets
  • New Water Heaters
  • Point-of-Use Filtration System
  • Whole-House Water Filtration System
  • Hot Water Re-Circulation System
  • InstaHot
  • New Shower Heads
  • New Faucets
  • New Toilets

Eleven ways you can save electricity & lower your gas bill:

  • Check air filter monthly, changing as needed (they are normally bright white, so if a little gray then they are dirty)
  • Install programmable thermostat, they even have wireless you can control from smart phone
  • If furnace and/or air conditioner are 10 plus years old there are much more efficient models available on today’s market (life expectancy is only 12-15 years on these units)
  • Have yearly maintenance done each season on your heating and cooling systems
  • Use window coverings to help block out the sun during the heat of the day
  • Install attic fan
  • Install ceiling fans in your living areas & bedrooms
  • Don’t shut more than ¼ of the supply vents in your home, this affect how the system moves air through the entire house
  • Leave doors open inside your home to help airflow circulation
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Install indoor Air Quality products that will help with dryness, allergies & asthma (We offer several solutions)

For More Energy Efficiency Tips: Call | 801-254-5009

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